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Sometimes creating a life you love is first about knowing what it is that you love.

Join Denise at Jabulani Safari for a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the wisdom of the elephants on this personal growth journey.
You can expect 3 nights of absolute luxury… gourmet meals, game drives, yoga, breathwork, group workshops and each person will have a one on one personal growth session with Denise.

This retreat is facilitated over 3 nights for the reduced cost of R19500 (excl conservation fee) and is limited to only 6 participants. If you are interested in joining this exclusive event email

Sometimes creating a life you love is first about knowing what it is that you love. And in the cycle of living and surviving and getting things done we can lose track of what it is that truly makes you feel alive.

When heading out on a retreat we step out of our ordinary routine, sometimes for 2 nights or other times for 2 weeks. This opportunity of stepping out of our lives creates space to connect the mind and body and to begin the process of dreaming.

Each retreat is intricately planned to create time, space and introspection that opens you up to what lies within. Whether we are connecting with nature, exploring self-love or starting fresh we have an opportunity to be in communion with Self and Community.

Retreats are structured around breath, movement and thoughtful processes that invite meaningful transformation.

Under the guidance of Personal Growth Mentor, Denise Sohandev, guests will be invited on a journey back to Self using the tools of movement, breath and introspection to remember who they are, to understand their obstacles and to find the way back into their lives with meaning and purpose as they meet themselves in rawness of nature.